Waste heat boiler maxxtec

--> Heat recovery system for use of flue gases from solid fuels, diesel engines, gas turbines, or other industrial processes. At Maxxtec you will find the suitable heat recovery system for your application.

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 Thermal oil heater maxxtec

--> Thermal oil heater for capacity ranges up to 30 MW and temperatures up to 400 °C. To the maxxtec product range belongs standardized boiler for different fuels such as oil, gas or solid fuel. In addition Maxxtec also offers thermal oil systems and products to modernize and  increase efficiency for your systems.

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 Steam boiler maxxtec hpsmaxx

--> Steam boiler for industrial processes  to 309 °C. Maxxtec offers steam boilers in capacity ranges between 232 kW and 2515 kW for the deodorisation of edible oils, palm oil, soybean oil or vegetable oils for example.

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Heat exchanger maxxtec

--> Heat exchanger: To the  Maxxtec product range contains shell and tube heat exchanger, exhaust heat exchanger and air cooler for heat transfer of thermal energy between liquid or gaseous media such as water, oil, gas or steam in heat exchanger tubes.

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Economizer maxxtec

--> Economizer in capacity ranges up to 10 MW for heat recovery from exhaust gases for heating of various industrial processes and / or generation of electricity.

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air preheater

--> Air preheater for preheating or air heating of the combustion air by means of flue gas, steam, water or thermal oil in the power range up to  10 megawatts (MW).

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Electric heater maxxtec electromaxx

--> Electric heater for different  heat transfer medium  for the generation of process heat for demanding applications in the power range up to 4 MW and temperatures up to 450 °C.

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Automatic boiler cleaning for heat recovery systems and heat exchangers

--> Automatic boiler cleaning airmaxx4 for the removal of loose or lightly adhering deposits/soot on the heating surfaces of the heat exchanger / heat recovery systems.

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Pump monitoring condition monitoring system maxxtec

--> Pump monitoring for more reliability by monitoring of your circulation pumps. Electronic and fully automatic monitoring of your pumps by the Maxxtec condition monitoring system for early detection of damage of the pumps.

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Sample cooler for thermao oil samplemaxx

--> Sample cooler for thermal oil "samplemaxx": Safe and representative sampling in thermal oil systems according to DIN 4754 for a simple, safe and representative sampling of thermal oil samples.

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Monitoring system for thermal oill kontamaxx maxxtec

--> Fuel monitoring system for more safety in thermal oil systems. Maxxtec offers a fully automated online monitoring of heat transfer fluids such as mineral oil, silicone oil and synthetic oils in order to detect the slightest contamination or changes in the thermal oil.

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Bypass filter system cleanmaxx for thermal oil

--> Bypass filter for thermal oil "cleanmaxx" to remove solids and sludges from thermal oil systems, thus improving the heat transfer, reducing the power consumption of centrifugal pumps, reducing the wear of pumps, valves and pipes.

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