Products and technologies for the utilization of almost any kind of solid fuel (biomass, municipal waste etc.) as well as for the recovery of waste heat (even from contaminated gases) and fermentation of biogenic materials.

Heat exchanger hot water, steam or thermal oil

Heat Exchanger Experts for tube heat exchangers, fin-tube heat exchangers, waste-gas heat exchangers, economizer, air cooler and condensers for different industries and ranges of applications.

Heat recovery system 9 MW with meander

Heat recovery systems for the use of flue gases from solid fuels, diesel engines, gas turbines, or other industrial processes. At Maxxtec you will find the suitable heat recovery system for your application.


Heat recovery system up to 50 MWth for solid fuel firing plants for the energy recovery from hot exhaust gases.

Thermal oil heater with burner_MAXXTEC

Thermal oil heater (boiler) for capacity ranges up to 30 MW and temperatures up to 400 °C. The maxxtec thermal oil heater belongs standardized boiler for different fuels such as oil, gas or solid fuel. 


High pressure steam generator - steammaxx- for electric power generation with max(x)imum plant efficiency!

Steam boiler type hpsmaxx

Steam boiler - hpsmaxx - is an efficient, non toxic processing heating system with natural circulation by the use of steam in a closed loop.

Electric Boiler

Electric boilers for different industrial applications using steam, water or thermal oil in the power range up to 4 MW and temperatures up to 450 °C.

Boiler cleaning system for boiler maintenance of biomass boilers

Maxxtec offers automatic boiler cleaning system for new boilers or existing biomass boilers to remove of surface deposits/soot.


Pump monitoring system - pumpmaxx

Automatic pump monitoring unit for circulation pumps. Electronic and fully automatic monitoring of your pumps by the pumpmaxx pump monitoring unit for early detection of damages.

Sample cooler for thermal oil - samplemaxx

Sample cooler for thermal oil "samplemaxx": Safe and representative sampling in thermal oil systems according to DIN 4754 for a simple, safe and representative sampling of thermal oil samples.

Fuel monitoring system - kontamaxx

Fuel monitoring system kontamaxx for increased safety and lower operating costs in thermal oil systems. Maintain, control and monitor heat transfer fluids such as mineral oil, silicone oil and synthetic oils with the fully automated online monitoring system kontamaxx.

Bypass filter system cleanmaxx for thermal oil_maxxtec

Bypass filter for thermal oil - cleanmaxx - to remove solids and sludges from thermal oil systems, thus improving the heat transfer, reducing the power consumption of centrifugal pumps, reducing the wear of pumps, valves and pipes.

ORC module power generation with coal or biomass - maxxtec

ORC modules enable the use of waste heat of about 300 °C to generate economically electricity in a wide power range. Maxxtec offers ORC modules with a capacity of up to 3 megawatts (MW).

Temperature control industrial processes

Secondary control loops - scsmaxx - in manifold variation possibilities for exact temperature control in industrial processes. Through the use of coolers, also cooling services can be offered.

Heating cooling system for regulated heating process

Heating cooling systems where controlled and precisely regulated heating process a controlled cooling or cooling an exothermic reaction is necessary


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