Increase reliability, avoid unexpected downtimes


Due to the rising demand on the availability of processing plants and the increasing personnel costs reliability and avoiding unexpected downtimes play an ever increasing role in the maintenance of rotating equipment of thermal oil pumps. Furthermore, unexpected leakage of organic fluid may cause considerable damages.


Basically, pumps consist of mechanical, rotating components, bearings andmechanical seals. Furthermore, they are disposed to very high medium temperatures. This is why pumps are more subject to wear and tear than other equipment and therefore require a professional and regular maintenance. Sealless pumps have additional power requirements, have a very complex construction and are much more expensive. This is why these pumps are not used very often.


At maxxtec we examined the possibilities how to ensure a trouble-free operation whilst avoiding the disadvantages of sealless pumps. The result of our research is our pumpmaxx system. This is an electronic control system for circulation pumps, which is suitable for nearly all pumps of different manufacturers.

Pump monitoring system 


Special sensors control the temperatures in the bearing bracket, leakage at the mechanical seals vibrations at the bearing, motor temperature and differential pressure at the filter on the suction side.


The measured values are evaluated and compared continuously with the set limit values. Depending on the deviations, necessary actions are indicated (yellow indication light) or an alarm is activated resp. the stand-by pump is activated (red indication light).

In this way wear and tear and damages at the pump can be discovered early, long before severe damages occur and production must be stopped for maintenance works. The pumpmaxx-system even discovers dirty filters before pumps can be damaged by cavitation. All messages are indicated on the display and can be transmitted to remote control locations with potential-free contacts or bus-connection.


Pump monitoring system pumpmaxxAdvantages:

  • Identification of defective sealings and damages caused by storage in good time
  • Automatic pump circuit using SPC
  • Solid measurement technique using temperature sensor, vibration pick-up and float switch
  • Simple installation and wiring
  • Retrofittable for almost all pump types HPS – Steam boiler


Available sensors for the control of:

  • Bearing temperature Control of wear and tear of the ball-bearing in the bearing bracket
  • Leakages Control of the mechanical seal in the bearing bracket
  • Differential pressure Control of the filters
  • Vibration control Control of wear and tear of coupling, alignment of coupling and stresses in the piping system
  • Motor temperature* Control of the admissible temperatures in the windings
  • Motor power consumption Control of the electric motor windings- or bearing damages

*Only for motors with corresponding equipment










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