Heat exchanger Maxxtec

Maxxtec develops, designs and builds heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers, fin-tube heat exchangers, waste-gas heat exchangers, economizer, air cooler and condensers for different industries and ranges of applications.

Our heat exchangers transfer heat between liquid or gaseous media, such as water, oil, gas or vapor/steam highly efficient with the lowest possible consumption of energy for conveying the heat carrying media.

Beside competitive, standardized heat exchangers, air coolers and economizers, Maxxtec provides individually designed waste-gas heat exchangers and condensers, which are engineered optimally to your needs and spatial conditions.


Application of the heat exchanger

Liquid - air heat exchanger are build, for example, to heat combustion air by steam, water or thermal-oil in order to increase the efficiency of a combustion process of power plants or boiler plants.

This type of heat exchanger is also called liquid - gas heat exchanger or gas heater.

Exhaust gas heat exchangers are used for recovering the heat from hot flue gases into water, thermal-oil or steam to use the recovered heat for process heating, heating of buildings and / or for power generation for example with an ORC process. In this way the efficiency of the complete plant can be increased significantly. This type of heat exchangers are also called economizer.

Air cooler / condensers for efficient cooling, re-cooling and condensation of liquids or vapors.

Maxxtec heat exchangers are available for both water, steam and for organic liquids. The construction can be carried out in different materials / material combinations with surface treatment according to customer specifications.

Technical data:

Media: Air, flue gas, exhaust gas, thermal oil, water, water-glycol mixture, brine, refrigerant fluid, other media with known thermodynamic data
Temperature Standard heat exchanger up to 560 °C by using special materials also higher
Thermal output/ capacity: Standard heat exchanger up to 10 megawatts (MW), thru combinations and special constructions practically unlimited
Material / Substance: Carbon steel, stainless steel or special material
Heat insulation &
 surface treatment:
according to customer specifications


Maxxtec heat exchangers are made of different materials, material assemblies and tube versions for different applications. Continuous development, innovative solutions, highly developed construction and modern manufacturing methods enable the production of efficient, reliable, durable and cost effective heat exchangers.

Depending on customer requirements the heat exchanger will be available with bare tubes, finned tubes, lamella tubes or tubes with special profile. Our heat exchangers become designed, constructed and manufactured according to EU Pressure Equipment Directive, ASME and other international regulations.

Cleaning the heat exchanger heating surfaces

For heat exchangers with dust-laden gases Maxxtec has designed optimally tuned heating surface cleaning systems, which ensure a lasting constant heat transfer even under difficult conditions. For applications with media that may cause persistent deposits at the heating surface, we have developed special designs, which allow easy access and cleaning of the heat exchanger.

Benefits of Maxxtec heat exchangers:

  • Consistent efficiency and long operating times through optimal cleaning systems for heating surfaces
  • Highly effective heat transfer
  • High rate of condensation
  • Higher efficiency of the overall process
  • Highest reliability owing to comprehensive quality testing
  • Long service life
  • Good price performance ratio
  • Low payback period
  • Optimal cleaning options
  • Low costs for maintenance and assembly
  • High pressure and temperature resistance
  • Space-saving due to compact design
  • Reduction of exhaust emission
  • Many years of experience and extensive know-how in the area of heat exchanger design
  • Custom design and construction of the heat exchanger for different application areas
  • Specific material selection according to process application

Thermal oil plants, plants for the production and transfer of process heat, ORC plants etc.

Additionally to the individual heat exchangers we can offer complete systems for the generation and transfer of thermal energy and electricity generation with ORC modules. Innovative monitoring systems to increase energy efficiency and operational reliability of your plant such as systems for pump monitoring "pumpmaxx" for medium surveillance "kontamaxx" for reproducible sampling of thermal oil "samplemaxx" and the part flow oil filter system "cleanmaxx" complement our product range in the area of heat exchanger or heat transfer.

For many years Maxxtec heat exchangers are on duty in different applications with different media. Some of them have to withstand extreme requirements regarding resistance ability and availability. From these experiences resulted a wide variety of concepts that have been reflected in innovative and more efficient constructions.


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