The main application for these steam boilers is the food industry. Contamination of the product must be avoided under any circumstances.


HPS installation planDeodorization of edible oils (e.g. palm oil, sunflower oil, soja oil), heating of deep fryers or spray dryers for foodgrade powders are a few applications where the hpsmaxx will be used.


The maxxtec high pressure steam boiler hpsmaxx is an efficient, non toxic processing heating system by the use of steam in a closed loop. It operates in a natural circulation based on the density changes of the heated water. No feed water/circulation pump is required neither any steam drum, steam trap nor strainer.


The condensate is collected by gravity and fed back into the boiler. The heat consumer is integrated into the closed loop and always installed above the steam boiler allowing natural circulation by gravity.

The hpsmaxx steam boiler is specially designed to produce saturated steam with high pressure in an efficient and economical way. Process temperatures > 300 deg. C can be achieved.


The innovative concept of the maxxtec hpsmaxx steam boilers provides significant advantages compared to conventional high pressure steam boilers.

The allowable operation pressure of the standard hpsmaxx is up to 95 bar g and the allowable operation temperature up to 308 deg. C. hpsmaxx steam boilers are available in the standard range of 232 kW up to 2,615 kW, are equipped with modulating burners for most common fuels and guarantee high economical and trouble free operation.



Main characteristics hpsmaxx

  • Standard capacity: 232 kW up to 2,615 kW
  • Working pressure: up to 95 bar g
  • Design pressure: up to 110 bar g according to model
  • Design and manufacturing according to international standards as: e.g. PED European rules, ASME, SQL, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.
  • Design temperature: up to 318°Cion.











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