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Direct fired thermal oil heater

Thermal oil heater for liquid and gaseous fuels in a horizontal / vertical construction for heating of industrial processes and procedures. Maxxtec provides thermal oil heater from the power range up to 30 MW and operating temperatures  - 100 °C to + 450 °C to secure an economic supply of manufacturing processes with heat (steam, thermal oil, hot and warm water) or coldness. For this purpose all the heat transfer can be used - mineral and synthetic organic heat carrier, eutectic mixtures, liquid salts or liquid metals.

Efficient thermal oil heater and plant in industrial processes and procedures provides an important contribution to the reduction of operating costs and thereby creates a competitive advantage. For many years Maxxtec developed and realized holistic energy concepts with thermal oil heaters, whereby not only the efficiency and safety, but also from the beginning environmental protection and environmental friendliness were on focus.

Therefore we have always geared our research and development, not only to use fossil fuels, but also approached all kinds of production residues for energy production.


Functioning of the thermal oil heater

In developing the "thermomaxx" thermal oil heater series of maxxtec, some obvious thermodynamic considerations were applied.

We have simply reversed the pipe baskets in the thermal oil heater and thereby achieving results that astound at the first sight. First, it is unusual for anyone who has ever thought about thermal oil heaters, that thermal oil inlet and outlet are located on the wrong place. The flow and return connections of the new "thermomaxx" thermal oil heater are arranged below or behind, so on the same page where also the flue gas connection takes place.

Thereby we have reached, that flame and heat carriers moves in co-current flow in the area of the combustion chamber. As the maximum radiation of the flame is in the first third of the flame length, the flame maximum hits with low temperature of the heat carrier. In this way we achieve a significantly reduced of film thermal strain and the heat transfer medium is heated more gently. In the partial load range, this effect is exacerbated because the flames maximum shifts towards to even lower heat carrier temperature.

In the third train, where the film temperature plays no more significant role, flue gas and heat carriers moves in counterflow. In this way the temperature gradient between the flue gas and heat carrier can be utilized much better and the flue gas temperature drops at the heater outlet.

For you, this means an improvement of degree of efficiency with the same heating surface up to 1.25%. By the ever increasing energy prices certainly a good thing, considering that you can get this economy improvement without any extra charge, if you opt for the new "thermomaxx" thermal oil heater. Furthermore, we have reduced the surface temperature and the weight of the burner plate by a specially developed combination of refractory concrete and ceramic fiber mats and are still able to use the same burner plate design for all fuels.

By the way provides the “thermomaxx” thermal oil heater series a number of practical advantages. At the "thermomaxx" thermal oil heaters, the flow and return connections form the low point. So, the standing thermal oil heater can be emptied easily without an extensive installation of an exhaust line. The problem that a rarely used exhaust drain clogged, because the standing heat carrier is cracked or deposited with mud, belongs now to the past with a "thermomaxx" thermal oil heater. Your plants around the "thermomaxx" thermal oil heater can be combined individually with the extensive range of accessories.


Technical Data:

Range of performance: to 30 MW
Temperature: to 450 °C
Heat carrier: all mineral and organic heat carrier, eutectic mixtures, liquid salts or liquid metals
Fuels: liquid and gaseous fuels, as well as simultaneous - and / or (optionally) using different fuels (multi-fuel combustion)
  Liquid: heavy oil, medium heavy fuel oil, diesel oil, liquid production residues
  Gaseous natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, flare gas, gaseous production residues

+ insulated radiation part for decoding or thermal afterburning contaminated exhausts
+ automatic fire extinguisher system
+ ex-protected version
+ special materials and special constructions


Advantages of "thermomaxx" thermal oil heater series at a glance
  • improvement of the degree of efficiency up to 1.25% without extra cost
  • Lower film temperature and thus higher lifetime of the heat carrier
  • more favorable arrangement of inline pumps, for example
  • significantly reduced surface temperature at the burner plate, by special ceramic fiber materials
  • external exhaust line
  • standardized maxxtec PLC control, with significantly improved ease of use, disturbance history and optional bus connection
  • wide range of accessories: system chimney, economizers, pumpmaxx and much more,  allows the adaptation of your system specifically to your needs

The use of different fuels opens up untapped energy sources. Maxxtec systems can be operated with a variety of production residues.


Application areas:
Industry Application
  • Aluminium
for anode production (heating of extruders) heating of storage tanks (bitumen)
  • Building materials
heating of steel shapes, drying, pressing for brick making
  • Bitumen
roofing felt manufacturing, coking plants, heating of tanks, storage and mixing device
  • Chemistry
heating of reactors, trace heating and tank heater
  • Iron, Steel
media preheating, use of waste heat for district heating
  • Wood, Paper and Cardboard
Heating chipboard, veneer, coating and plywood presses, veneer, chips and lumber dry kilns, steam pits, laminating rollers, glue reservoir
  • Plastic
heating of extruders, calenders, melting pots, polymerisation plants, laminating presses
  • Navy, Shipbuilding
heating of ship tanks, fuel preheating
  • Mineral oil
heating of heavy fuel oil storage tanks, mineral oil converting plants
  • Metal
heating of pickling and acid baths, degreasing and painting plants
  • Food
indirect heating of fryers with simultaneous combustion of the exhaust steam, baking lines, kettles, spray towers, dryers for the production of milk powder, lipolysis, pasteurization
  • Soaps, Detergents
heating of the autoclave, kettles, spray and drying towers, saponification
  • Electrical power generation  
heating ORC modules in biomass plants or industrial waste heat utilization
  • Textile
heating of tenter, dryers, washers, ribbons, calenders, coating plants


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