Use existing or renewable resources to generate electricity power and heat from solid biomass, waste heat or solar energy

Biomasse Biomasse zur Waerme- und Stromerzeugungbiomasse chips bunker for heat and power generation with biomass

Rising costs, growing environmental awareness, the finite nature of fossil fuels and the growing desire for independence lead to a rethinking of energy production.

With our innovative products, we offer you the conditions for efficient energy generation from existing waste heat or renewable resources that lie “right outside your door“.


ORC-power plants are base loadable CHP plants with high efficiency, and excellent part-load behavior.

Unlike water vapor processes ORC power plants need very little operating and maintenance costs.

In addition, they have an excellent partload behavior and can be automatically started and shut down. ORC-power plants are therefore an excellent complement to solar systems or wind power plants to ensure a continuous generation of electricity.

This way environmentally friendly and efficient energy production becomes economic in already small and decentralized units.

ORC module
ORC cogeneration plants in the use of solid biomass for power and heat generation in the smaller power range have prevailed by its compelling advantages.

In Europe, already more than 120 of these plants are in operation. Innovative products of maxxtec such as the "airmaxx4" heating surface cleaning system for waste heat boiler, the "pumpmaxx" condition monitoring system for Pumps or our superior 2-pass exhaust gas heater have been installed in the vast majority of these plants.

In many cases the energy recovery of decentralized waste heat streams is still not economic. Also here the ORC-process offer compelling advantages. The use of these potentials reduces the impact on the environment and the energy costs.



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