Abreinigungssystem zur automatischen Reinigung von Erhitzern und Waermetauschern

airmaxx4 is a boiler cleaning system for automatic cleaning of the gas side flowed through vertically mounted heat exchangers and waste heat boilers.

The boiler cleaning system airmaxx4 is suitable for the removal of loose or lightly adhering deposits / soot on the heating surfaces of the heat exchanger / heat recovery systems. This cleaning will be effected with compressed air via cleaning nozzle. The cleaning medium passes through a heat-resistant stainless steel hose with the aid of special locks between the passes of the heating surfaces to be cleaned. Variables tangential blowing off the heating surfaces ensures a uniform cleaning of the coiled tube in the waste heat boiler / heat exchanger. The Airmaxx4 belongs to the family of soot removers and has been specially developed and patented at biomass combustion for the thermal oil waste heat boiler and heat exchanger.

The function of the system differs from previously used concepts in particular in that, the cleaning medium (usually compressed air) is brought very close to the heating surface to be cleaned. In this way, a very good cleaning effect is achieved already at relatively low pressures and quantities of compressed air. Moreover, the heating surfaces are not constantly blown in the same place by the pressure beam, so the risk of erosion was almost eliminated. Another advantage is the reduced piping effort, since the compressed air is attached only at one point.


Automatic operation of the airmaxx4 boiler cleaning system for heat recovery systems and heat exchanger:

airmaxx 4 Kesselreinigung Reinigungssystem AbhitzekesselWhen starting the automatic cleaning process, a complete cleaning cycle is started for the waste heat recovery system. The positioning of the cleaning hose is fully automated with the aid of a laser-guided target system.

The cleaning during operation is effected by means of an automatic time control, in order to achieve a regular removal of deposits. In addition, the cleaning is additionally started in dependence on the gas temperature. In this way, unusually fast growing deposits can be, for example due to fluctuating fuel composition, detected and eliminated early. For economic reasons, it is appropriate to adjust the cleaning of heating surfaces at the given operating conditions. Too frequent cleaning causes unnecessary consumption of compressed air - to long pauses between the cleaning intervals reduce the efficiency due to the poor heat transfer at the dirty heating surfaces.


Special features of the airmaxx4 boiler cleaning system for heat recovery systems and heat exchangerr

  • Intelligent cleaning of the heating surfaces in the heat recovery systems / heat exchanger: The specially designed controller records all relevant operating data and adjusts the cleaning parameters. To changing operating conditions can be responded immediately.

  • The positioning between the air cleaning nozzle, the flue gas locks and cleaning cycles, are programmed via a service panel on site.

  • The robust rotary valve mechanism of the locks ensures reliable shutoff device of the inlet openings. An entry of leak air and flying sparks in the waste heat boiler is prevented in this way.


airmaxx4 boiler cleaning system overview:

airmaxx4 Reinigungssystem fuer Waermetauscher und Erhitzer

  1 Feed wheel-hose axis
  2 Pneumatic cylinder 
  3 Bogie
  4 Cleaning nozzle
  5 Drive wheel-rotary axis
  6 Chain pot
  7 Heater cover plate
  8 Guide wheel/free wheel
  9 Runner rail
10 Nozzle closure
11 Hose reel
12 Cleaning hose








The advantages of airmaxx4 boiler cleaning system for heat recovery systems and heat exchanger

  • The cleaning of heating surfaces occurs at running operation and ensures a long travel times at approximately constant heat extraction
  • Reduced wear due to variable tangential blowing on the heating surfaces
  • The cleaning medium is released directly to the cleaning point and ensures optimum results with low energy consumption
  • The cleaning effect is uniformly high, irrespective of the geometry and size of the heating surfaces
  • All relevant operating data will be analyzed at any time by means of own-developed PLC steering
  • Programmed cleaning cycles repeat the cleaning processes and respond to changing operating conditions
  • Ease of maintenance simplifies operation, all parts are accessible from the outside
  • Airmaxx4 can be unproblematic integrated and retrofitted into existing systems


Technical specifications: 

airmaxx4 - cleaning system for heat recovery systems and heat exchangers
Weight 800 kg (without runner rail and order related attachment parts)
Dimensions without bogie H = 160 cm, L = 275, B = 115
Ambient temperature 0 °C - 45 °C
Cleaning depth max. 11,5 m (special depths possible)
Working pressure min. 10 bar, max. 12 bar
Stepper motor Working voltage: 65 Volt DC
Stepper motor control: 24 Volt DC


Increasing the efficiency of combustion plants with heat recovery systems

Combustion installations with heat recovery systems and heat exchangers required a long and uninterrupted time of operation. Most realized modulating operation in various part load conditions draws altered amounts of exhaust gas. In the same way, the exhaust gas velocity in the alleys of the waste heat boiler and thus the self-cleaning effect is changed. This causes the formation of increased deposits/soot on the heating surfaces in the partial load ranges, leading to a reduced heat transfer, thus to lower efficiency of the heat recovery systems. Particularly high demands provide plants to generate heat and / or electricity generation by using biomass and other solids.

The airmaxx4 cleaning system for heat recovery systems and heat exchanger is designed specifically for high performance in these areas and cleans the heating surfaces fully automatic, intelligent and while the plant is operating.

Increasing cost pressures by staff and fuel supply at constant revenue situation pushing for optimized system solutions with long travel times and minimum maintenance. This cost pressure makes fully automatic and reliable solutions necessary. Maxxtec developed and manufactures for many years successfully automatic cleaning systems for heating surfaces of heat exchangers and heat recovery systems.

The airmaxx4 boiler cleaning system for heating surfaces of heat exchangers and heat recovery systems is the result of years of experience and extensive research of Maxxtec development engineers and applied for a patent.

With its innovative technical concept, it ensures that at a substantially improved cleaning efficiency at the same time the energy required for the generation of compressed air can be reduced.



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