Sewage sludge disposal: Water association Eifel-Rur relies an autothermal treatment of sewage sludge


Heat source: Flue gases from sludge combustion
Heat use: Thermal oil waste heat recovery boiler
Fuel: Sewage sludge
Thermal output: max. 1.900 kW
Exhaust-gas temperature: approx.650 °C (before waste heat boiler) -> approx. 300 °C (after heat exchanger)
Heat recovery: 15.000.000 kWh/a operated by 8.000 hours/year under full load
CO2 – reduction: 3.000 tons per year (sewage sludge is CO2 neutral, calculated on natural gas to 0,2 kg CO2/kWh)
Cost saving: 5.250.000 €/a (calculated assuming a gas price of 0,35 €/kWh, without CO2 rate)

The sewage sludge plant in Düren has a capacity of approx. 8.300 tonnes of sewage sludge per year; this equates the quantity of approx. 310.000 residents. Since more than 10 years, the sewage sludge is pre-dried for the combustion process in Düren. For this purpose the waste heated dryer is loaded with the waste heat from the combustion by the thermal oil heat recovery system. Due to the high dust load of the combustion gases the waste heat boiler is generally exchanged periodically. Maxxtec provided 2015 the thermal oil waste heat boiler as a replacement boiler for an efficient heat recovery from the incineration of sewage sludge and autothermal dryer heating.

This waste heat boiler is capable to supply 1.900 kW waste heat for drying of sewage sludge in order to pre-dry the sludge for the combustion process and to burn the sludge without additional gas.

Maxxtec GmbH, supports municipalities for energy-optimized solutions for the construction of sewage treatment plants and sewage systems. ”Many municipalities are looking for alternative disposal methods, such as the production of biogas from sewage sludge or the thermal utilization of sewage sludge. As a close partner of the municipalities, we make our contribution. The Düren concept is transferable to many municipalities, emphasized the managing director of the Maxxtec, Joachim Praeger.





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